Business Coaching

One to One Business Transformation Through Dialogue

Organisations that invest in their management use coaching to support their most talented individuals and help them reach and exceed their own and the company’s expectations.

Our management coaches, all of whom have direct business and market specific experience, provide feedback and guidance in the context of the individual’s own work environment without the need to take managers out of their workplace for significant amounts of time.

POD offers a range of coaching interventions to assist progress in many development requirements where the one to one focussed conversation suits the learning preference of the manager and is an effective use of valuable time.

The most important thing about coaching is time to reflect and find out what I really do think and feel. The workplace is too fast, pressured and confused to make calm objective decisions. It taught me a new mental discipline which I now apply on my own – invaluable.

Everything I learn, I can immediately apply both at work and in my home life. I now see work as not a series of tasks but as a series of development opportunities; and I have more fun!

    – Managing Director, Dealing Room

POD Coaching in Action

The head of treasury of a major international organisation had been promoted fast and within two years progressing from having a team of 6 to a team of 120. Learning to manage the new challenges became a priority and working with POD he committed to two hours coaching every three weeks for 6 sessions. He agreed with the coach to record the critical incidents that arose during the course of his job, and work through them together. This is action learning and enables senior executives to reflect thoroughly on their experience. At key points through the contract the client’s manager came in to the session with the client and the coach, to input a senior viewpoint of the key learning and its impact.

As a result, once six sessions had been completed the client proposed three of his key direct reports set up a similar arrangement. This is currently proceeding successfully and the team are now exceeding their targets.


All coaches have regular supervision of their coaching. Supervision is a way of making sense of our coaching practice within POD by getting a ‘super–view’. Coaches become more effective by observing themselves in interaction with their clients, through retelling their clients’ stories and observation during interaction with their key relationships. Coaches also attend to their own professional development needs within this conversation.

Elspeth Campbell, Head of POD Coaching, is a qualified supervisor, and offers most of the supervision.

Elspeth is an accredited member of Association for Coaching and ensures all coaches are striving to excel in the Association of Coaching core competencies and acting according to the Association’s code of ethics.



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